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Normale Version: I need to buy a gps tracking unit for my car. Where can i get it?
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I really doubt that my son has been indulged in some non social activities with some parasites of the society. Now a days he daily used to take his car and also getting some money. I tried to confront him but but in vain. I think i need to track him via gps so i can get him red handed. I searched fir gps devices online and couldn't understand properly about subscription etc so please tell me everything about it...i only know that there are two types of tracking systems. One based on sim and networks and other gps. So please clarify about both with link to purchase them. Also suggest some good places to fit it so its not easy to find, even in security check of malls...they check even below the cars with mirrors and under the bonat. Please provide link for both..thank you.